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Ancient Oriental Christianity

The Master of Arts track in Ancient & Oriental Christianity is a research-oriented 48-hour degree, designed for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of historic expressions of Christianity — especially in Eastern contexts — in the Early, Late Antique, or Medieval periods. 

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Master of Arts track in Ancient and Oriental Christianity

The Master of Arts track in Ancient and Oriental Christianity is primarily suited for students preparing to do doctoral study, the program equips students with advanced academic foundations in historical research and integration, with an emphasis on the languages needed to conduct such research. As such, it teaches students the skills of academic writing and research and involves intensive reading of primary historical and theological works. In order to ensure adequate foundations in the historic Christian tradition, the degree shares a 21-hour core with other M.A. degrees.

Anyone wanting to enrich and deepen his or her knowledge in the subject area will benefit from this program. However, students who wish to prepare for advanced research in a PhD program are especially suited for this degree. The program gives students the opportunity to gain further knowledge, sharpen their research and writing skills, and to benefit from experienced coaching and mentoring towards an effective academic career. MA students in the GST often enjoy opportunities while in the program to begin making academic presentations and even publishing in the field.

The program is also suitable for students with a knack for languages who wish to enrich the historical and theological foundations for ministry, especially as teachers or missionaries and church planters in non-western contexts.

Students who are adept in language acquisition and who enjoy reading ancient texts will find themselves especially suited for this program. 

     Application Deadline:
Spring 2017
  • Dec. 9, 2016

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