Childers lectures across Texas

Posted February 04, 2015

Dr. Jeff Childers, Carmichael-Walling Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity in the Graduate School of Theology at ACU, is making his way across Texas this spring. Childers recently traveled to South Texas in late February and will travel to San Antonio in March.

Childers traveled to South Texas after being invited to give two lectures about J.R.R. Tolkien and the Gospel at an event. Sponsored by the Central Church of Christ in Victoria, the event was aimed at youth and college students in the community.

People love Tolkien’s books and recent films, but what many don’t realize is that Tolkien wrote them with the idea of telling the story of the Christian Gospel in another form Childers explained.

“The instincts, moves, and virtues of Tolkien’s stories are the same as those of the Gospel,” Childers said. “But since the stories are not overtly religious, they provide a great opportunity to have fresh conversations with people who don’t know the Gospel but love the stories."

Childers will travel to San Antonio in March to talk about a different topic – baptism. At the Northside Church of Christ, Childers said he seeks to place the understanding of baptism squarely on the teaching of scripture so that 21st century churches may appropriate baptism as a rich and multi-layered practice of deep Christian spirituality.

“Although Churches of Christ are noted for their historic emphasis on baptism,” Childers said, “in many ways traditional teaching has had a narrow focus or is tied to certain debates that have little to do with biblical baptism.”

Childers will also focus on the subject of children and baptism, and equipping parents and church leaders. The event will include preaching, and multiple equipping and teaching sessions.

Having scholarly outstanding faculty members like Childers contributes to the exceptional education our students receive.


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