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Carson E. Reed

Assistant Professor of Practical Theology
; Director of Ministry Program 

B.A. Oklahoma Christian University

M.Div., Harding School of Theology
D.Min., Abilene Christian University

Phone: 325-674-3753

ACU Box 29425

Abilene, TX 79699

Research Interests: Congregations, Spiritual Formation, Ministerial Calling and Development, Theology and Practice

Personal Interests: Acoustic music, travel, coffee, and discovering new food items to smoke on a Green Egg!

Some Publications:

  • Work in homiletics including: "The Raising of Lazarus" in a book about preaching the Gospel of John.
  • Authored several articles concerning Stone-Campbell Movement including: "Beyond Getting Wet: The Tapestry of God’s Story and Our Practice of Baptism" and "Robert Richardson: Sources for Spiritual Formation in the Early Stone-Campbell Movement."

After 30 years of serving congregations in Memphis, Indianapolis, and Atlanta, I joined the GST faculty in 2012. This move continues an ongoing commitment to explore the relationship between theory and praxis, between theology and action.  With one foot in the active life of ministry and one foot in the reflective world of theological engagement, I deeply enjoy partnering with students, ministers, and congregations in learning more fully what it means to participate in God’s transformative work in the world.

My experiences in small rural congregations, suburban and urban congregations, as well as with para-church and social justice ministries have offered many contexts to shape my understanding of the breadth of ministry.  Yet these contexts are not isolated or dislocated places.  Rather, I am convicted of the power of Scripture and of the wisdom of the church’s tradition to inform communal theological discernment and communal practices.  In my classes, students will encounter the synergistic breadth of these resources and develop their capacity to practice ministerial leadership in churches, ministries, and communities.  

Most importantly, I seek to foster in my life, research, and work with others, the pursuit of a vibrant relationship with the Triune God, who was, and is, and is to come, the first and fullest minister of all.


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