Cost & Affordability FAQ

1. How will such a big change in revenue, affect the services offered by the GST?

  • NONE. The changes are due to the university’s commitment to the quality of the GST program and the university’s commitment to its mission. Therefore, the changes are underwritten by generous donors who believe in you and in the quality of the degree you are earning at ACU.
  • Additionally, the GST will increase its offerings by adding an additional faculty member in the fall of 2015 thus enhancing your educational experience.
  • Stay Tuned! Other exciting frontiers are also in the planning stages.

2. How will my scholarship be affected?

  • The GST will retain its scholarship pool from our endowment. The wishes of generous donors that believe in ACU and you will be honored.
  • The new pricing model gives the GST flexibility to spread those dollars to a larger student population.
  • Scholarships dollars will be adjusted to what might seem like a reduction. In many instances, if we applied the same dollar amount as you previously received to the new pricing system, then the total discount would exceed 100% (average scholarship + new price = 70% + 41% = 111%). The GST is committed that the new scholarship amount awarded to you in the letters we will send out in the spring combined with the new price will be to your advantage. For example (not an actual case but for illustrative purposes only), if you are receiving a 30% scholarship, the new scholarship might be zero, but you are actually receiving an 11% increase in aid. Someone else who is receiving a 61% scholarship might now only get 30%, but that is still a 10% increase in aid (or worded differently, a 10% less out of pocket expense).

3. What if I’m a part-time student?

  • You will be charged a per credit hour rate depending on your catalog year.
  • For 2015, that is $600/hour.

4. What if I transfer several classes from another school?

  • You may transfer up to 25% of your coursework for the degree.
  • The final cost of the degree will be prorated based on how many hours you transferred.
  • The prorated rate for the fall of 2015 will be $600/hour.

5. What if I receive advance standing for several classes?

  • You may receive advance standing for up to 25% of your coursework for the degree.
  • The final cost of the degree will be prorated based on how many hours you receive through advance standing.
  • The prorated rate for the fall of 2015 will be $600/hour.

6. What if I take a semester off from school, will that bump me into a new catalog year and an increase in price?

  • No changes will take place to your status by taking one semester off. If you were to change degree catalogs, then you would move to the new price of that catalog year.
  • If you are out of the program for one year, you will need to request that your status be reactivated. If you are out of the program for two years, you will need to reapply to the program.
  • It is always best to notify the GST offices when you plan to take time off.

7. Will my tuition ever go up?

  • Only if you change catalog years. Some students change catalog years when they take time off form school (FAQ #6), or if a change in the curriculum in a particular catalog is more appealing to the student.
  • Students can change to newer catalog years but not to an older catalog.

8. What if I want to take more GST classes that are not in my degree program?

  • You will pay a per hour price. However, scholarships are still available for additional GST courses. Courses from other departments will not receive scholarship.
  • The amount of courses you can take that are not in your degree plan will be determined by you and your advisor.

9. How does program pricing affect students pursuing multiple degrees from different departments (the most common being Social Work and Marriage and Family Therapy)?

  • If the course is being used for a different degree (e.g., MFT), then the course will be billed according to that department’s pricing plan. However, if the course is being used in a GST degree plan, then the course will be billed according to our pricing plan.
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