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Caitlin Winegeart ('11) | Master of Accountancy

Caitlin Winegeart’s internship at Wal-Mart’s headquarters last summer has paid off nicely with a job waiting for her when she completes her Master of Accountancy degree in May.

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Brad Neathery ('11) | Marketing

As a rule, most college juniors don’t get home plate tickets to the Ranger’s game every week. They don’t get to talk to sports celebrities like Colt McCoy or Cole Green, or run into Randy White when they’re coming out of the office. If they design anything, it’s probably not going to be presentations for Chevrolet, National Geographic, or Ford. 

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Sterling Hilliard ('10) | College of Business Administration

Favorite Courses: Entrepreneurship, Personal Selling, Current Topics in Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management, and Leadership Summit


You might also like to know: We are getting a new Recreation Center!!!


Advice to Incoming Students:   Get to know everyone, students and faculty.  You never know who you will need to call on one day. 

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Corinne Woodruff ('12) | College of Business Administration

Extracurricular activities: Intramurals, church, baking, painting


Advice to incoming students: Don't judge ACU on what you have heard from your parents or from other people that have gone here. Experience it for yourself and make your own memories. Have fun and make the decisions you make because you want to.

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Jenni Burks ('11) | College of Business Administration

Extracurricular activities: Sing Song, Sigma Theta Chi, tax intern at Davis Kinard, intramurals

Biggest surprise about ACU:   How much you will grow to love the school and Abilene. It truly does become your home. The sense of community here is like no other campus. The people I meet never cease to amaze me with their caring generosity. 

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Kevan Kirksey ('09) | College of Business Administration

Senior Kevan Kirksey finds internship great launch pad for his career.

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Krissy Heavin ('09) | College of Business Administration

Fun facts about me: I had a conversation with country singer Mark Chesnutt on his tour bus (thinking I was talking to one of his staff) and then asked him when Mark Chesnutt was coming in.

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Aimee Luallin ('09) | College of Business Administration

When it comes to internships, you might say Aimee Luallin has made them her college career. Aimee, a marketing major, now has three internships under her belt and says she is well prepared to enter a competitive work force after graduation.

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Valerie Walker ('09) | College of Business Administration

Advice to incoming students:
Start planning for the future ASAP,
but don't set your mind on
something and refuse to deviate.   

Fun facts about me: 

I am the third generation to attend
ACU. Near the Administration
Building is a plaque honoring the
site where my grandparents
were engaged

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Alumni Spotlights

Chris Norton ('10) | College of Business Administration

With a bit of hard work and a big appetite for success, ACU graduate Chris Norton (’10) took a business plan he created for an ACU entrepreneurship class and used it to change his life.

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Chelsea Johnson ('10) | Master of Accountancy

As a transfer student from a large public university, Chelsea Johnson noticed many differences soon after she arrived at ACU. "The professors not only knew my face, but they knew my name," says Chelsea. However, the one change that she remembers most vividly is a professor asking if she had any prayer requests.

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Kara Jenkins ('10) | Master of Accountancy

Browsing the ACU Career Link site, Kara Jenkins noticed a listing for an interview and decided to post her resume "just to see what would happen." Soon she was offered an on-campus interview, followed by an interview in Dallas. It was not long before she received an internship offer in the mail.

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Andrew Harmon ('09) | College of Business Administration

Extracurricular activities: 
STAR, Galaxy social club

Biggest surprise about ACU: 
The dorm is a lot more fun
than it sounds.

You might also like to know: 
I am the fourth generation in my
family to attend ACU.

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Brandon Bartee ('06) | Financial Management

Brandon Bartee was happy to have his name associated with ACU and its College of Business Administration when he applied to the new Law & Entrepreneurship L.L.M. program at Duke University Law School.

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Katie Alford ('99) | College of Business Administration

ACU's College of Business Administration provided Katie with an educational experience that she has found to be "invaluable," she says. "ACU as a college definitely has a more intimate, family-like feel to it when compared to other universities. You could connect with your professors easily."

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Allison Connor ('02) | College of Business Administration

"At ACU, I gained a diverse education that did not just come from books. I was able to ask questions and gain insight from each of my professors that helped me to become equipped to work in many areas of business. I've learned that it is not always what is taught in the classroom that most prepares you for your life after college." 

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ACU's Master of Accountancy program in Top 25

Abilene Christian University's graduate accounting program was recently ranked in the Top 25 in the nation for small schools by Public Accounting Report, and that comes as no surprise to alumni who graduated from the program.

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Distinguished Speakers Series

We're excited to host Brett Biggs, executive vice president and chief financial officer for Walmart, as COBA’s Fall 2016 Distinguished Speaker.

Join us on October 25 for the Distinguished Speaker Series luncheon beginning at 11:45 am in the Hunter Welcome Center. To learn more about the event, click on this link. To purchase tickets, please click on this link. If you have questions about the event, please email M.C. Jennings at

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