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Dr. Laura Phillips

Dr. Laura Phillips, assistant professor of management, has developed a passion for mentoring female students in ACU's College of Business Administration. The chance to see students grow and learn inspires her each semester.

Mark and Laura Phillips sometimes receive each other's mail at work, which is not that surprising. "When you are both 'Dr. Phillips,' you teach in the same department, and your offices are side-by-side it's inevitable," Mark notes. Read more about Drs. Mark and Laura Phillips, faculty-in-residence at ACU.

Mentoring and encouraging

She spends most of her time teaching business statistics classes and has developed a new Social Entrepreneurship course that debuted this fall. However, in addition to her teaching, Phillips has another goal - encouraging more women to find their place in the often male-dominated business world.

"We want to seize the opportunity to mentor and encourage our female students. We want them to know that there is a place for them in the business world," Phillips says. "Opportunities abound and the marketplace is becoming increasingly more flexible with regard to the way jobs are structured. Our female students need to know that they can excel in their jobs while being a great example to the people with whom they'll work."

Women in Business  

Several years ago, Phillips helped start the Women in Business group within COBA. She serves as the faculty sponsor for the group, which meets primarily as a small-group Chapel. Phillips, along with a team of seven to 10 female student leaders, prepares materials to help their fellow students.  

Every semester, the group brings in notable women who have succeeded in business. The speakers serve to encourage female to students to pursue their goals vigorously.

"The purpose of Women in Business is two-fold: to assist women majoring in a business-related field to understand the opportunities that exist for them in the marketplace and to prepare them to be leaders for Christ in the workplace," she says.


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