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aimee luallin

Marketing major
from Littleton, Colo.

When it comes to internships, you might say Aimee Luallin has made them her college career. Aimee, a marketing major, now has three internships under her belt and says she is well prepared to enter a competitive work force after graduation.

She tells fellow classmates to try for internships as early as their freshman year. "Dream big dreams and take a few risks," she said. "You never know where your internship may take you."

The motivation of the professors really helped give me the little push I needed to get outside my comfort zone and try for something.

In Aimee's case, an internship took her to England where she participated in a photo shoot for a new Toshiba laptop, visited the Microsoft UK headquarters and rode in a hot air balloon with the CEO of an international marketing firm.     

Aimee's first internship, the summer after her freshman year, was with a building contractor in her home state of Colorado. The next summer, she obtained an internship with a yellow pages publishing company, again in Colorado.

The third summer, she wanted to venture further from home. "This was my last summer to do something fun without being in the real world," she explained.  That's when an internship to Bristol, England, listed on ACU's CareerLink site, caught her eye. The internship was with Mason Zimbler, an integrated digital marketing firm that serves such high-profile clients as Toshiba, AOL, Google and Microsoft.

Mason Zimbler, recently acquired by global marketing firm Harte-Hanks, employs a number of younger workers, and Aimee immediately felt at home with them. "They were really generous," she said. "They showed me around Bristol and made sure I got plugged in right away. They made fun of my accent a little bit, but I felt really welcomed there."

The company executives allowed Aimee to shadow several projects, among them the launch of a new Toshiba laptop. At the Microsoft UK headquarters, Aimee sat in on a client meeting where a potential marketing plan was unfolded. Aimee also helped produce the employee newsletters.

One of the highlights of her summer was a hot air balloon trip with Mason Zimbler's CEO, Mark Mason. She and two other employees drove about half an hour to Bath where they launched the balloon and then flew back to Bristol.

"The bad thing was when we landed, the basket toppled over and all four of us landed on top of each other," she recalled with a laugh.

Aimee credits her professors and COBA Connections with helping her obtain the Bristol internship. The COBA Connections staff assisted her in editing her resume and put her in touch with the intern selection committee. And her business professors "really helped give me the little push I needed to get outside my comfort zone and try for something," she said.

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