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breanna anderson

Marketing major
from Dallas, Texas

When Breanna Anderson met Revolution Pictures owner Randy Brewer during an on-campus visit, she just knew she had to get an internship with him.

"After class I took the opportunity, and I went down there and sucked up all my confidence, stuck out my hand and introduced myself to him," says Breanna. "And he was just really nice."  

One of her professors stepped in to tell Randy a little bit about Breanna and her desire to work in the entertainment industry.

Brewer ('93) is the executive producer and owner of Revolution Pictures, with offices in Nashville and Los Angeles. Among his high-profile projects, he is the producer of Taylor Swift's award-winning video "You Belong With Me" and was the 2010 ACU Young Alumnus of The Year. 

Dream internship

Brewer gave Breanna his card and told her to contact him. But she was so excited that she went ahead and printed her resume to give to him the next day. He soon contacted her and offered her an internship in Nashville for the summer.

During her internship, Breanna got to experience everything from running errands to serving as a production manager and producer on set.

"Really I did classic intern things, like I ran and got toilet paper, did errands and I went and got coffee for everybody," says Breanna. But that was only the beginning. She was also able to work as a production assistant on different sets, learning every aspect of what goes into a music video.

"I was the production manager and producer on one of the sets, so I learned from start to finish what it takes," she says. 

A little help from a friend

Breanna is grateful to her professors not only for helping her get this exciting internship, but also for regularly taking the time to invest time in her and her future.

"I think that's a huge reason that I've gotten where I am, as far as even the internship," she says. "It's a small university, so there is the opportunity to do that. The professors really want to see you succeed.”

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