Brad Neathery ('11) | Marketing

brad neathery

Marketing major
from Coppell, Texas

As a rule, most college students don’t get home plate tickets to the Rangers game every week. They don’t talk to sports celebrities like Colt McCoy or Cole Green, or run into Randy White when they’re coming out of the office. If they design anything, it’s probably not for presentations to Chevrolet, National Geographic or Ford. 

As an intern at Fox Sports Southwest this summer, Brad Neathery was an exception to that rule.

COBA is amazing. The professors here are outstanding, heartfelt and full of real-world knowledge.

During his internship, Brad worked in advertising, public relations, graphic design, and did a little journalism on the side. As a marketing major at ACU, he was eminently prepared for the job.

“My favorite part of the experience has definitely been just getting to work in the real world and see what I’ve been learning get put into action,” he said. “I can safely say I have gained true corporate knowledge.”

Though Brad loved the perks of working with a major sports corporation, he also found that one of the greatest advantages of his internship was learning to adjust to the high-powered world of sports media.

“This has been one of the most dramatic and news-filled summers as far as the sports industry goes,” he said. “Every day is something new, and I have found out that this industry is fast-paced and non-stop, but that’s what keeps it so fun.”

The job security and high demand for sports media attracted Brad, as well as the constant sense of new information and an energy-charged atmosphere. As a business major, he is well aware of the advantages inherent in his future career.

“There has been and always will be a high demand for sports media no matter what is going on around us,” he said.

For Brad, the College of Business Administration at ACU has provided a crucial influence as he learns what it takes to succeed in his chosen field.

“COBA is amazing,” he said. “The professors here are outstanding, heartfelt and full of real-world knowledge. They know that their job is not to keep students busy for a semester, but instead to completely prepare us for what we will see from the interview process to how we should invest our money for retirement.”

Learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door, however. Brad sees himself as a participant in the greater ACU experience that is part of his legacy - an experience that shapes faith, family and opportunities for the future.

“I have definitely grown during my experience here at ACU,” he said. “I think the biggest thing I could gain from my experience is that there is always something to be learned, and life doesn’t wait for you. You are not defined by what you do, because life is full of surprises. It’s how you handle obstacles in your life and what you do with them.”

With that sense of adventure, Brad is ready for his senior year - and then whatever the world of sports marketing decides to throw at him.

“You just have to have a positive mindset and be ready to learn something new every day. There is always something to be learned wherever you go.”

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