Jenni Burks ('11) | College of Business Administration


Accounting & finance major
from Weatherford, Texas

Jenni Burks says ACU has prepared her for so much more than she expected. "Here I have been taught about values, ethics and beliefs... ACU has prepared me on how to be the same person at home, church and at work."

Q&A with Jenni

Did you always want to have a career in business?

I always knew I would be involved in the business industry somehow. However, I didn't always know it would be accounting. I have always been outgoing and I always enjoy meeting people, so I knew that I could use my strength in people skills with some business degree. Also, I typically see everything as a problem with a solution, and in accounting there is usually an answer.  

What has been your opinion of COBA so far? What sets COBA apart as a department?

COBA is an exceptional department at ACU. You get great one-on-one experience from professors, faculty and staff within the business school. Your advisers are always on top of your degree plan emailing you with the latest update. Also, COBA's networking is phenomenal. I have no doubts in ACU's ability to connect me to my specific industry. I feel like they are always presenting us with some way to get to know prospective employers and to inform us on how to really sell yourself as an individual to get that dream job you want.  

Any favorite professors? If so, what makes them a favorite?

Dr. Stewart is one of my favorite COBA professors. I got to know him well when I studied abroad with him and his family. Because of this experience Dr. Stewart became more of a mentor than someone who teaches me curriculum. He is passionate about finance, and this comes across in his class. 

In what ways has ACU prepared you academically for your future?

ACU has prepared me for so much more than I expected. Here I have been taught about values, ethics, and beliefs. I was taught to develop your own and to keep them, especially while in the working field. At many other universities you won't get that attention on ethics and values like you do here and it won't be Christian-based. ACU has prepared me on how to be the same person at home, church, and at work. 

What do you plan to do after graduation?

I plan to attend graduate school, get my Master's in Accounting so I can sit for the CPA exam, and then go into public accounting. 

What do you think sets your ACU experience apart from other universities?

I think it is the integration of faith and the personal relationships in general, not just with professors, that sets ACU apart. It is kind of hard to describe, but as soon as you step foot on campus you can feel it. There is something about this small Christian campus that makes everyone automatically bonded. The students and faculty here typically are overly friendly and more than willing to meet new people. Other universities that I have visited do not have this same atmosphere. There you pass another student walking to class, and there isn't the slightest glance in your direction. Here you greet anyone you come across, and sometimes these people become your best friends.

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