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allison connor

Business Manager,
Herald of Truth, Abilene

Working for a non-profit organization has perks that can't be measured in salary or corporate benefits.

Just ask Allison Connor. After several years of working for such companies as Cingular (now AT&T) Wireless and Bank of America, she is now Business Manager for Herald of Truth Ministries headquartered in Abilene.

Allison took a pay cut when she came to Herald of Truth, "but I have gained so much more," she says. "I was excited to work for a company that was based on helping others hear the words of Jesus. And I work with amazing people who love the Lord and genuinely care for me."

One of the greatest perks was a job with flexibility to bring Gentry, her 6-month-old daughter, to work with her.

Herald of Truth Inc. is a 58-year-old mass media ministry of the churches of Christ, which has a global reach through the use of radio, TV, internet, print media, seminars and social media. 

"My role is to oversee and manage the financial, human resources, IT and administration operations of the business," says Allison, who earned her B.A. in Accounting and Finance from ACU in 2002.

It's a role Allison loves. "I never get in a rut," she says. "My responsibilities are so diverse that I always have something different to do."

That diversity also provides her greatest challenge, that of wearing multiple hats. "Since we are a small organization I oversee many different parts of the business," Allison says. "In a larger company, these would each be a separate position.  Balancing each task and keeping up with new trends for every aspect of my job can be difficult." 

ACU's College of Business Administration prepared her well for the challenge, she says. 

"At ACU, I gained a diverse education that did not just come from books,"Allison notes. "The time I was able to spend with my professors enabled me to gain life experiences and knowledge that cannot come from a book."

"This is the major difference in ACU compared to other institutions," she says. "I was able to ask questions and gain insight from each of my professors that helped me to become equipped to work in many areas of business. I've learned that it is not always what is taught in the classroom that most prepares you for your life after college."

Allison's favorite part of her job? "I love to hear the personal stories of the difference we are making in lives all over the world."

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