Laura Hollifield ('09) | Teacher Education

Laura Hollifield spotlight profile on alumni experience at ACU teacher education.

Middle school math teacher,
Abilene Independent School District

When math teacher Laura (Davis '09) Hollifield talks about ACU shaping her life, she means more than just her career.

"My time at ACU prepared me to teach, sent me to Europe, introduced me to my bridesmaids and husband, and taught me the power of caffeine," she says. "There are not many facets of my life and personality that ACU did not have a hand in altering."

Laura majored in secondary education with an emphasis in math - a degree plan that incorporates classes from both ACU’s Teacher Education and Math departments. The degree plan sees that students get rigorous training in their core academic field, while at the same time preparing them to manage a classroom and build positive relationships with students. 

Beyond the basics

"My professors and classes at ACU did a marvelous job preparing me for my teaching position," says Laura, who teaches seventh- and eighth-graders at Madison Middle School in Abilene. "The mathematics courses for teachers were especially helpful. My professors pushed us to go past what we would be teaching our students, and to learn the mathematics at a much more advanced level. Going through that learning process is key to any teacher’s preparation."

Laura’s first year as a teacher has brought some satisfying moments.  "Hands down, my greatest joy this year has been telling students that they passed a test they had never passed before," she says. "I taught several groups of students who had previously never passed the math TAKS test. Telling them that they passed and being a part of their smiles and tears of joy over the news was unforgettable."

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