Our Mission Statement

The mission of this department is to prepare students to serve and lead through the development of healthful lifestyles.

Students who major in Kinesiology (KINE) are planning to lead others to healthful lifestyles in community, corporate, commercial or clinical settings. They will be change agents among those they serve as they model a wellness lifestyle and provide a role model for Christian values to participants and colleagues.

Students who major in Nutrition (NUTR) will be prepared to enter graduate programs, or the workplace while modeling Christian principles.

Students who participate in the activity program will appreciate the health benefits of a physically active lifestyle; develop skills, knowledge and desire to participate in lifetime physical activity; and understand the integration of spiritual and physical health.

Students who graduate with the Didactic Program in Dietetics Concentration will be prepared to become registered dietitian / nutritionists who serve and lead through exemplary practice in fields of nutrition and dietetics while modeling Christian values. Christian values will be modeled in any area of dietetics the student chooses, including clinical nutrition, community nutrition or health promotion/disease prevention, food service, food industry, research, or education.

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