Service Trips

Short service trips coordinated through the Halbert Institute for Missions provide many opportunities for all ACU students to begin developing a missional framework for life.  Many of these trips take place in a ministry setting that allow students to serve in their chosen field of endeavor or area of interest. HIM partners cross-campus with departments and non-academic groups to send ACU students, faculty, staff, and alumni on trips lasting anywhere from 5-21 days.

All ACU short term teams prepare missionally, cross-culturally, and spiritually through weeks of training. Teams debrief immediately after return, to process the experience and discern how it fits with their vocational calling as disciples of Christ.

In recent years, much has been written about the unintentional harm many short term missions may have caused in the past. We believe there is a healthy way to send teams that help without hurting, which is why proper training and debriefing are of vital importance. HIM strives to partner with organizations on the ground that empower those they work with, and to join with God in work He is already doing through faithful, capable people all over the world.

Some short service trips include:

  • Nursing students in Haiti
  • Nursing students in Guatemala
  • Nutrition students in Haiti
  • Pre-Health students in Haiti
  • Pre-Health students in Guatemala
  • ACU Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization in Honduras
  • ACU students in New York City
  • ACU Volleyball in Northern Ireland



“What a privilege to travel with the ACU students to Guatemala in March.  The trip opened all of our eyes to see how blessed we are and to see the love others extended to us while we were at Clinica Ezell.” -Terri Aldriedge, Director, Body and Soul (2016)

“We are so thankful to Health Talents International and to LiveBeyond for their partnership in allowing our students to see the ways they will be able to use their training as health care professionals to be Jesus' hands and feet in this world." -Cynthia Powell, PhD., Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

“The 2016 ACU medical mission trip to Guatemala gave me the opportunity to see how my desire to become a doctor can be used to glorify the Lord and help my brothers and sisters in Christ who truly need miraculous healing, both spiritually and physically.” -Whitney Brantly, Student (2016)

"Being appointed as a translator for the first time on a medical mission trip initially made me nervous; however, God used that area to continue molding my spiritual maturity and different gifts to better serve in the future." -Cody Bly, Student (2016)

“The people of Haiti dramatically transformed my vision of God's love for the world.” -Grace McNair, Student (2016)