Below is a complete list of possible internship locations sorted by continent and the activities featured at each location. We have tried to secure a wide variety of locations both rural and urban as well as a wide variety of activities. Look through the list to find a site you are interested in going. You can go anywhere in the world! If any of these sites catches your attention, learn more about how to apply



Burkina Faso Dano: Outreach and discipleship among the Dagara people, an illiterate people group in one of the poorest areas of Africa.
Egypt Cairo: Sports ministry to both Christian and Muslim youth with largest church in Middle East.
Ghana Accra: Orphanage work and teaching in the Village of Hope. Clinic work is also an option. (Only for apprentices of 6-24 months.)
South Africa Stellenbosch: Sports ministry conducting multiple camps and more.
Tanzania Mwanza: Multifaceted urban and village outreach.
Togo Kara: Mentoring and evangelism with an experienced team to numerous villages
Uganda Mbale: Work in outreach and teaching in schools and villages with a large established team.

1. Namwianga: Work in a SE refugee camp.

2. Solwezi: Work in remote villages with small churches, a school and nearby refugee camps.

Zimbabwe Harare: Work with impoverished children in an orphanage including camp.

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1. Beijing: Serve blind children at the Bethel House orphanage.

2. Jingzhou: Teach English in the University of Yangtze and work with small groups.

Japan Osaka: Participate in a house church network and relief efforts.
Malaysia Petaling Jaya: Ministry under local leadership on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

1. Cebu City: Work with children, youth and Bible institute.

2. Give a Goat: Serve alongside a ministry providing sustainable solutions to impoverished families. 

Singapore Ministry to youth and children in an established church of 200.

1. Chiang Mai: University ministry on two campuses under the direction of an experienced team.

2. Chiang Mai: Service in the Christians based Agape House orphanage.

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South Pacific  

America Samoa Pago Pago: Youth ministry including camp and VBS type work.

1. Brisbane: Relational youth ministry, outreach and camp work in a postmodern city.

2. Sydney: Ministry and outreach via a local house church.

New Zealand

1. Auckland: Youth ministry under the direction of local elders.

2. Mataura: Congregational and youth work in a rural setting.

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Latin America  

Antigua St. Johns: Mentoring and education work among youth.
Argentina Buenos Aires: Youth and small group ministry in an established church.

1. Itu: Ministry focused on use of counseling in outreach, team preparation and more.

2. Niteroi: Community outreach using English classes.

3. Recife: Youth and small group work with growing church.

4. Salvador: Outreach and youth work in a highly multicultural city of four million.

Costa Rica  San Jose: Work under a local minister while attending language school.
Honduras Choluteca: Multifaceted (ag, med, outreach, development) ministry with Mission Lazarus. (ACU applicants will be considered alongside applicants from other universities. Final acceptance is determined by partnership, not entirely by WWW.)

1. Mexico City: Participate in the life of a network of house churches.

2. Morelia: Work in cell groups, youth, English and other ministries.

Nicaragua Jinotega: Facilitate multiple short-term teams while working with clinics, schools and indigenous outreach and.

1. Arequipa: Work with development programs and house churches.

2. Lima: Small group work among middle class and outreach to the marginalized.

USA Miami: Sports camp and follow up youth work in Hispanic middle class.

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Croatia Split: Youth work, including camp and teaching English. 

1. Bristol: City outreach and youth work in secular England.

2. Nottingham: City outreach and youth work in secular England.


1. St. Petersburg: Evangelism and mentoring in both small group and one on one settings.

2. Tomsk: Working with orphans, homeless, and university students in various ministry settings.

Turkey Antalya: Cooperate with multiple churches under the direction of vocational missionaries.

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New York Bronx: Cell church participation and outreach in the network of the MetroSoul.
Oregon Portland: Inner-city ministry with PUMP Oregon.
Texas Houston: Inner-city / immigrant work with Impact Houston.

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