About the WWW Program

Founded in 2001, WWW has sent 400 university students abroad to work under experienced mentors.  Viewed as more than a campaign but less than a long-term commitment, WWW is designed to give students a chance to deeply experience missions while working under the oversight of spiritual mentors.  Most students live with their missionary hosts or local families for two months during the summer. Many students have opted to participate in more than just a summer internship, staying on the field for up to two years.

WWW works to place students in the place that best fits their spiritual gifts, experiences and future life goals.  Assignments are determined via conversation and prayer. Whatever your situation, WWW has an option for you.



WorldWide Witness Works

Wondering what outcomes you can expect from participating in a WorldWide Witness internship? Justin Velten, a doctoral candidate of Faulkner University, found that WWW students grew in various dimensions of intercultural readiness. 

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WorldWide Witness
Spend your summer in a cross-cultural setting using your unique gifts, learning from experienced mentors and helping others through service.


Although Asia Todd ('14) grew up on the mission field, her internship in Mwanza, Tanzania was her first time to be a part of a missionary family in a context wholly different than how she grew up. 


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