The Robert & Mary Ann Hall Chair of Psychology & Intercultural Studies

The mission of the Hall Endowed Chair of Psychology & Intercultural Studies is to facilitate wholeness, health, and community amongst cross-cultural Kingdom workers, by providing them with educational, training, research, and mental health services. The Hall Chair was established to provide mental health services to expatriates and missionaries.

If you are involved in missions, military, international business and industry, or foreign studies as a student or educator, or if you support, train, or minister to those who do such cross-cultural work, we want to know you, partner with you, and serve you. The resources and personnel connected with the Hall Chair are dedicated to excellence in training and caring for workers in cross-cultural, international settings. We value you and are eager to serve alongside you in caring for our international Kingdom workers.

For more information about the Hall Chair and how it can serve you or those you love, contact us:

Stephen H. Allison, Ph.D.
Director, Robert & Mary Ann Hall Endowed Chair of Psychology & Intercultural Studies


ACU Box 28042
Abilene, Texas 79699-8042
Phone: 325.674.2597
Fax: 325.674.6764

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