Faculty & Staff

Full-Time Faculty

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Dr. Matt Roberson
Chair, Associate Professor of Musicology

Office: WPAC 128
Phone: 325-674-2108
Email: matt.roberson@acu.edu


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Samuel Cook
Associate Professor of Voice

Office: WPAC 224
Phone: 325-674-2195
Email: samuel.cook@acu.edu

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Jeffery Goolsby
Director of Choral Activities
Choral Music Education

Office: WPAC 132
Phone: 325-674-4891
Email: jeff.goolsby@acu.edu

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Dr. Brandon Houghtalen
Associate Director of Bands
Instrumental Music Education

Office: WPAC 130
Phone: 325-674-2240
Email: brandon.houghtalen@acu.edu

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Dr. Rick Piersall
Assistant Professor of Voice
Opera and Music History

Office: WPAC 133
Phone: 325-674-2302
Email: rick.piersall@acu.edu

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Dr. Julie Pruett
Vocal Division Director
Associate Professor of Voice

Office: WPAC 220
Phone: 325-674-2356
Email: pruettj@acu.edu

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Dr. Michael Rogers
Director of Jazz Studies
Coordinator/Instructor of Music Theory

Office: WPAC 228
Phone: 325-674-2044
Email: michael.rogers@acu.edu


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Dr. Mike Scarbrough
Professor of Voice

Office: WPAC 131
Phone: 325-674-2143
Email: scarbroughm@acu.edu

Dr. Gregory Straughn
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Office: Sherrod 127
Phone: 325-674-2209
Email: gregory.straughn@acu.edu

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Dr. Allen Teel
Instrumental Division Chair
Professor of Percussion and World Music

Office: WPAC 153
Phone: 325-674-2030
Email: teela@acu.edu

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Susan Teel
Instructor of Music Education,
Theory, and Intro to Music

Office: WPAC 226
Phone: 325-674-2516
Email: susan.teel@acu.edu

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Dr. Steven Ward
Director of Orchestra and Bands,

Office: WPAC 129
Phone: 325-674-2028
Email: steven.ward@acu.edu

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Dr. Kay Williams
Professor of Piano and Theory

Office: WPAC 218
Phone: 325-674-2242
Email: williamskay@acu.edu

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Kristin Ward
Clarinet, SS, ET, and Jazz Voice Instructor

Office: WPAC 219
Phone: 325-674-2196
Email: kristin.ward@acu.edu

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Office Staff


Mel Hartline
Financial Operations Manager

Office: WPAC 138
Phone: 325-674-2301
Email: mel.hartline@acu.edu

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Emily Berry
Administrative Coordinator and Degree Plan Specialist

Office: WPAC 122
Phone: 325-674-2197
Email: emily.berry@acu.edu

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Intercollegiate Faculty

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David R. Amlung, D.M.
Assistant Professor of Music – High Brass

Email: eab13a@acu.edu

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Dr. Jeff Cottrell
Instructor of Low Brass

Email: jcottrell@hsutx.edu

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Adjunct Faculty

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Amy Huzjak
Cello Instructor

Office: WPAC 227
Phone: 325-674-4891
Email: amy.huzjak@gmail.com

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Janelle Ott
Bassoon Instructor

Office: WPAC 219
Phone: 325-674-2196
Email: jaott1@gmail.com

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Karla Ordonez
Flute Professor

Office: WPAC 223
Phone: 325-674-2193

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Dan Mitchell
Instructor of Guitar

Office: WPAC 136
Phone: 325-674-2029

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Karen Hogue
Voice Instructor (non-major)

Office: WPAC 221
Phone: 325-674-4862
Email: karenhogue68@yahoo.com

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Shelly Reed
Voice Instructor (non-major)

Office: WPAC 225
Phone: 325-674-4862
Email: shelly.reed@acu.edu


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Susetta Rockett
Oboe Instructor

Office: WPAC 223
Phone: 817-372-1830
Email: susettarocketta@hotmail.com



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Erin Weber
Violin Instructor

Office: WPAC 227
Phone: 325-674-4891
Email: weber.erin.e@gmail.com

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Retired & Emeriti Faculty

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