Andrew Penney ('15) | Music

andrew penney

Senior from Allen, Texas

Music is more than a hobby for Andrew Penney. It is his future career and his passion as well. In fact, the times Andrew feels closest to God are those when he is making music.

Music is a huge part of my spiritual walk because it is exactly how I feel I can give my talents back up to God.

"Music is a huge part of my spiritual walk because it is exactly how I feel I can give my talents back up to God," he said.

Andrew is involved in seven ensembles on campus and holds two jobs in the music department. He made the decision early in his college career to sacrifice much of his free time as well as activities that weren't helping to achieve his musical goals.

Music as a career

Andrew grew up playing the trumpet and always felt a connection with music, but it was his audition at ACU that solidified his decision to pursue music as a career.

"I loved the music professors here when I met them and they, along with others, helped me realize that music was really a viable career option," Andrew said.

Andrew says he appreciates the music program at ACU because of the variety of opportunities it offers. He is able to play in various ensembles as well as perform with a church orchestra and also gain experience running sound and working with the set-up crew.

"I have found that being involved has given me great amounts of experience and a glimpse at all types of paths I can take with my trumpet playing, a valuable aspect that is not truly as available at many other schools," Andrew said.

Sacrificing for his goal

Andrew's involvement has not come without sacrifices. The hardest part of his college experience has been balancing his musical involvement with other responsibilities. However, the more involved he becomes, the more he is assured that this is the path his life should be taking.

He dreams of working with a philharmonic orchestra or running his own studio and plans to attend graduate school to fulfill these goals. Wherever Andrew ends up, he remains confident in his calling to be a musician in some capacity.

"Art forms can take a lot of time and maturity to understand, something I am still in the process of, but to me there is no doubt that my spirituality is tied into the music in my life," he said.

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