Dr. Connie Yarema | Professor of Mathematics

Connie Yarema

Dr. Connie Yarema’s passion for mathematics and interest in a professional development technique called “lesson study” has taken her all the way to Japan and back.

“In particular, I’m interested in the professional development of mathematics teachers using lesson study, which originated over 100 years ago in Japan,” the ACU professor says.

Lesson study is a community-based professional development technique. Teachers work together to create lessons that drive their students toward a set goal by planning lessons around that goal. Lesson study also involves teachers giving a lesson to students while other teachers gather data about the effectiveness of the lesson being taught. They then discuss their findings and how they can improve their lessons to better benefit students.

Dr. Yarema, who teaches courses that prepare students to become math teachers, has brought this concept to ACU and the surrounding area. 

Recently, she was involved in lesson study research with the Region 14 Education Service Center with participants traveling from East and West Texas, as well as New Mexico to be a part of the project. She also has been asked to participate in a similar project in Rhode Island.

Along with her passion for mathematics, Dr. Yarema has a great passion for her students. “My favorite part of teaching is the concept of community, with classrooms of students being the nucleus of the community,” she says.

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