Jason Mahler ('03) | Math/Actuarial Science

Jason Mahler

Health & Welfare Benefits Consultant
with Hewitt Associates, The Woodlands

For Jason Mahler, ACU was a place that would forever change not only his professional life, but his personal and spiritual life as well. "ACU is where I began to live my faith independently for the first time," says Jason. "It is where I met my wife, chose my career and discovered my love of philosophy."

As a freshman, it was difficult for Jason to decide between a major in mathematics or business. Then he discovered ACU’s Actuarial Science program, which combines the two disciplines. Actuarial scientists apply mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries.

"Getting an actuarial internship and passing the first actuarial exam 'sealed the deal' for me," Jason says.  He graduated in 2003 with a bachelor of science in mathematics and an emphasis in actuarial science.

At ACU, Jason found the smaller student-teacher ratio in his classes especially valuable. "This allowed me to get to know the professors very well, and we even tailored some of the course content to better meet the needs of the students who were studying for the actuarial exams," he says.

Jason now works as a Health & Welfare Benefits Consultant with Hewitt Associates consulting as an actuary and a benefits generalist. Leaving ACU, Jason found himself well prepared to step into his new career. He even passed the first two actuarial exams before graduating.

But even more important than the technical skills he honed at ACU, he says, were the lessons in learning to communicate, work in teams and think through new problems. "I have found that the most important things are even less tangible - a strong sense of ethics, a commitment to always doing the right thing and genuine care for those you work with," he says.

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