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preston watkins

From Manassas, Va.

After graduating from ACU's Journalism and Mass Communication program in May, Preston Watkins ('12) was looking for an exciting post-graduate internship. He ended up at "The Most Magical Place on Earth."

Watkins found a position working with the College Program at Walt Disney World in Orlando. He hopes to eventually work as an account manager at an advertising/public relations firm. Working for Disney afforded him the opportunity to experience a large company’s corporate environment. Aside from furthering corporate ambitions, his job at Disney also fulfills a childhood dream.

Honing his marketing skills

"I've been going to Disney Parks ever since I was a little kid. It started at Disneyland when I lived in California. When I was 5, my family moved to Japan so we spent three years going to Tokyo Disney. My parents brought me to Disney World for the first time when I was 10 and we've come back five times since then," he says. "On every trip, I've asked some employee how they've gotten the job here, and they all said the College Program, so I applied. I figured that it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and jobs will still be available after I finish, so why not?"

 Watkin’s role with the College Program has him working as a vacation planner. With more than 100 types of ticket packages, he is getting a first-hand opportunity to demonstrate his skills as a marketer.

"It's unbelievable how helping someone with their tickets, taking genuine interest in their vacation, and supplying them with a birthday button or a first-time visitor badge can really make their day," he says. "The job is so fulfilling because people are rarely upset here. It's the happiest place on earth."

Ready for the next step

Watkins knows his time at the Magic Kingdom isn't permanent, but he believes he is well-equipped for the next step in his life, thanks to work experiences and his time in the Journalism and Mass Communication program at ACU.

"JMC at ACU was beyond positive. The relationships that I've built with the faculty are certainly the most unique experience. I feel like I can call anytime to share any sort of news or ask for advice or anything. Also, I feel like I've built such an awesome network of peers. I know that the people in my class are going to do great things; everyone is so talented. It's cool to know that I'll be in touch with a lot of them for the rest of my life," Watkins says.

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