Hutton Harris ('08, '10) | Broadcast Journalism/Communication

Hutton Harris

Assistant in-game video and graphics producer for the Texas Rangers

Hutton Harris is a sports fanatic in the truest sense. Baseball, golf, football - it doesn't matter - he enjoys playing and discussing everything athletics. Through experiences and internships at ACU, Hutton has parlayed a love of the game into a bright career path.

In today's sports world, media drives such a big portion of what we as fans perceive about the player and teams. I love contributing to that through my job and the media.

He earned his undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism in 2008 and master's degree in communication in 2010. Today, he serves as the assistant in-game video and graphics producer for Major League Baseball's Texas Rangers - a position he has held since February 2011.

The art of crowd pleasing

Keeping a crowd that often exceeds 40,000 entertained during a baseball game can be challenging work. At Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Hutton provides video and graphic content including highlight reels and stat packages displayed during the game. However, before working under the bright lights of MLB, Hutton honed his skills at ACU.

"From 2006 through 2011, I was the public address announcer for the Wildcats in baseball, basketball and softball. It proved to be tremendous training for my job today in in-game sports production," Hutton says. "It taught me how to manage the game in front of me and gauge the crowd's energy to provide an exciting environment for the players."

Intern with CBS Sports

During his years at ACU, Hutton's sports experiences quickly grew beyond Abilene. He served as an intern for CBS Sports, working for ACU graduate Lance Barrow ('77), the coordinating producer for that network's football and golf coverage. Hutton helped cover 55 PGA Tour golf tournaments and worked on location with CBS at games involving the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans.

Barrow, an Emmy Award-winning producer for CBS Sports, got his start in the business while an ACU student in the late 1970s, interning for broadcasting legend Pat Summerall.

"These behind-the-scenes experiences have trained me to look at sports in a completely different way than I did growing up," Hutton says. "My work in a CBS sports production truck gave me an inside look at some of the greatest athletes of our time."

While meeting sports stars such as Peyton Manning, Josh Hamilton, Tony Romo and Tiger Woods, Hutton has developed an even deeper emotional connection to sports and its players.

"The emotion of the game draws me in," Hutton says. "In today's sports world, media drives such a big portion of what we as fans perceive about the player and teams. I love contributing to that through my job and the media."

A family of super fans

During the Texas Rangers' run to the World Series in 2010, Hutton and his family could be seen in the right field seats holding a "We Believe" sign.

The passion exuded by the Harrises prompted the Rangers to name his family "Fans of the Year" for 2010.  In October of that year, when the team beat the New York Yankees to clinch a World Series berth for the first time in franchise history, Hutton was present.

"The night they beat the Yankees in Game 6 of the American League Championship was the most rewarding sports night of my life," he says. "There were definitely tears of joy."

Hutton hopes to one day work in the Texas Rangers' front office. He would also like to own his own production company. Regardless of where he ends up, Hutton believes ACU taught him something valuable about building relationships - a skill he will carry with him all his life.

"ACU challenged me to invest in relationships, whether in the classroom or in social clubs or simply just being a Christian each day. It made me realize that putting others first is paramount in life," Hutton says. "ACU equips you with a series of challenges and experiences that will make you a light in the lives of others. I want to  shine bright in the workplace because of my faith."

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