Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in History

Admission Requirements
Before being admitted to this program, a student must satisfy the requirements listed in the ACT/SAT Placement Information section of the catalog.

University Requirements
Please see the University Requirements section of the catalog.

Major Requirements

Lower Level Requirements

  • HIST 117 Civilization I
  • HIST 118 Civilization or HIST 131 World History
  • HIST 221 American History I 
  • HIST 222 American History II 

Upper Level Requirements

  • HIST 353 Historical Methods (writing-intensive course) 
  • HIST 459 Historiography Seminar (capstone course)
  • Advanced United States Selections 
  • Advanced Non-United States Selections 

Other Required Courses

  • GEOG 354 Cultural Geography 
  • ENGL 231 World Lit. I, or ENGL 232 World Lit. II
  • FREN, GER, FLLA, or SPAN  221, 222
  • Choose one: ART 101, 221, 222, MUSM 230, MUSM 231, MUSM 232, MUSM 233, THEA 220 or THEA 250


A minor is optional as part of the electives.

Other Graduation Requirements

  • Minimum GPA in major: 2.25
  • Minimum GPA for graduation: 2.00
  • Minimum advanced hours: 33
  • Minimum total hours: 128

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