Careers in History

A degree in history can lay the foundation for a number of attractive careers, including these:

  • College Teaching - This is one of the most desirable careers for history majors. For those who go on to a master's degree, openings may be available in junior colleges. Senior college positions may be available to those who attain a Ph.D.
  • Government Service - Careers for historians exist in local, state and federal governments.
  • Graduate Studies - History is an exceptionally good area for preparation for graduate studies in fields which require broad, liberal arts education at the undergraduate level.
  • Journalism - History is splendid preparation for students who seek graduate study and careers in journalism.
  • Law - History is one of several fields especially suitable as pre-law education.
  • Museums, Archives and Libraries - The creation of special documents collections, presidential libraries, research centers and historical society museums has increased opportunities for persons with history training. Additional technical training may be required.
  • High School Teaching - Teaching history or social studies in high schools requires state certification. Certification may be obtained by completing the Bachelor of Science degree in History for Teacher Certification (Grades 7-12) or the Bachelor of Science degree in Social Studies for Teacher Certification (Grades 7-12).

Careers and Internships in Global Studies  

A degree in Global Studies gives graduates the flexibility to pursue a number of fascinating internship and career opportunities. Below are some very general ideas to get you started; See additional resources to help you find specific opportunities.

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