Karli McCoy ('11) | Biology/Pre-Med

Karli McCoy

Biology major/pre-med
from Abilene, Texas

Karli McCoy's participation in a Spring Break Campaign and involvement in ACU's Body & Soul program have fueled her desire to serve globally in the medical mission field.

The friends I have because of Body & Soul have really been a blessing in this whole experience. Those relationships helped get me through the times that I was struggling to have motivation to keep on working.

"I went to Guatemala on a Spring Break Campaign my sophomore year," Karli says. "It was an amazing experience. I had already shadowed doctors here before I had gone on the campaign, and it was just amazing to see how different their world is."

ACU's Body & Soul program prepares students for medical school by providing them with unique opportunities such as job shadowing, Christian mentorship and mock interviews.

Karli is also a participant in the Joint Admission Medical Program, a partnership between all nine medical schools in Texas and sixty-five public and private four-year undergraduate institutions, including Abilene Christian University.

Funded through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, JAMP provides scholarships, mentoring, summer internships and guaranteed admission to a Texas medical school if all requirements are met.

Karli, who will start medical school at UT Health Sciences Center (Houston) this fall, credits ACU's Body & Soul program with much of her success in JAMP. 

"Body & Soul was very helpful in encouraging me to keep on going with the track to medical school," Karli says. "The first summer I was [at an internship], I had more experience and opportunities than anyone else, and that was all because of Body & Soul."

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