Meet Our Body & Soul Students and Alumni

Abilene Christian University's Body and Soul program is an excellent place to begin your medical career. But don't just take our word for it! Ask those who know us best - our students and alumni:

  • Lindsey, junior biology pre-medical major and honors student at ACU: "I just got back from my JAMP (joint admission medical program) program in Lubbock, and after talking to lots of other students from other colleges, I became overwhelmed with the knowledge of how well ACU and Body & Soul prepare students for the medical field. There were many students at JAMP who had not had a single shadowing experience, let alone had one their freshman year. Thank you for all your hard work and all you do to prepare your students. It is truly amazing, and I am truly blessed to be a part of this program."
  • Jessica, first-year medical student at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso: "Medical school is keeping me on my toes! I am truly enjoying learning, and still trying to find a balance in my everyday life between studying and doing all the other things that need to get done. I am working harder here than I have ever worked before, but I must say that ACU completely prepared me for medical school. I am really proud to say that all of the classes I took at ACU challenged me and delved so deeply into detail that I have not come across anything in med school in which I feel inadequate. I must add a huge kudos to Dr. Diana Flanagan who used Wheater's Functional Histology in her undergrad class. One of the course directors teaches histology from Wheater's, and I find that I have a HUGE advantage since we practically memorized that book in Dr. Flanagan's class."
  • Evan, sophomore biochemistry major at ACU: "I just want to thank you again for involving me and all the other Pre-Med students in Body & Soul. I have really appreciated it and it has greatly opened my eyes and opportunities to see how much I love pursuing a medical profession (either Ophthalmology or Optometry). This summer I got a job working as a Para-optometric for a local Optometrist in Amarillo, learning a lot and making more connections in the professional world. As well I am looking forward to the internship I have with Dr. Avila in Abilene next semester, and also am looking to shadow an Ophthalmologist and see what that is like."
  • Kelly, medical student at Texas A&M University College of Medicine: "I can honestly tell you that ACU has one of the best pre-medical programs out there," says Kelly. "Throughout my undergrad years, ACU and Dr. Reeves guided the students step-by-step to success.  ACU helped me achieve my goals in other less tangible ways as well. I cannot begin to name the many faculty and staff who consider part of their job description to nurture and encourage the students that they encounter each day.  Whether they invite them to their homes for dinner or take time to get to know their students by name, the faculty do so much more than teach their subject or work behind a desk.
  • Tara, University of Houston College of Optometry:   Tara said, "ACU was perfect for me."  She had always wanted to go into optometry. "The science faculty definitely molded me in preparation for professional school," she says. Most importantly, says Tara, "ACU and the faculty integrated my faith with science, which is why I continue to be amazed daily and have never regretted my decision to major in biology."
  • Dr. Dale Funk M.D.: "I have had many great experiences with the Body & Soul program, but my biggest joy comes in seeing the faces of amazement that you only see in persons seeing the inside world of medicine for the first time. It is truly the most fascinating area of employment I can imagine, and certainly the most spiritually rewarding."
  • Jeffrey, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio:  "Ryan, Lauren and I have been in school for two-plus weeks now, and we have come to two conclusions:
    1) There are no better prepared students than us, and
    2) We miss ACU so much!
    The three of us have been talking, and I know Chase would agree with us, but we owe so much to Dr. Reeves, Mrs. Powell, and the Body & Soul program. We would love to be able to share with the current Body & Soul students just how much we learned, as well as give them all the advice they need to hear to get ready for this great journey."
ACU pre-medical and pre-dental students shadow doctors for real-life experience.
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