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If you are interested in a place where career aspirations are not disconnected from family, church and community; where learning is informed by faith and where servant leadership is expected and modeled; where you are taught by dedicated full-time Christian faculty; then you belong in ACU's Body & Soul program. Meet some of the outstanding Body & Soul faculty:

Don't just take our word about how amazing our faculty are, read what some of our alumni have to say: 

Leslie, pre-med UTSW: In a freshman honors class at Abilene Christian University after I had written a paper, the professor handed it back saying, "You put everyone else's thought and input into it except your very own. Think the concept out. Come up with your own idea. Forget about rules and all that other stuff you were ever taught, and let me hear your own opinion, not everyone else's." I thought, okay, and I guess it worked and I got it right because I ended up with an A in the class. How has this affected me in medical school? We are taught to memorize tons of facts, but we never are really trained to analyze the basis of those facts. Fortunately, there were several professors in the ACU science department that taught me to analyze based on facts. I know there will be times that I will definitely be wrong, but at ACU I learned to form my own opinions and question what I was learning. I have continued this approach, and I am glad that the foundation I received in undergrad is helping me in my medical school training.

Austin, D.D.S:  The science classes at ACU more than adequately prepared me for dental school. Dr. Charles Mattis was one of my best mentors. I would never have made it to dental school without his help. He was always encouraging and helped me decide which classes to take to better prepare me for dental school. I have been so happy with my profession.

Kelly, med student Texas A&M College: One subtle advantage that ACU students have is Dr. Reeves' reputation. I went to seven interviews and at most of them I had at least one person comment (upon seeing that I was from ACU) about how good a person Dr. Reeves is and how much they respect him. This reputation, added on by each generation of ACU students, can only help our next set of applicants as they continue on in their pursuit of their dreams.

For more information about ACU's Body & Soul program contact Terri Aldriedge R.N., B.S.N., Body & Soul program director.

ACU pre-medical and pre-dental students shadow doctors for real-life experience.
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