Bachelor of Science (BS) in Physics

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Physics provides students with the broadest education in the field of physics. The majority of ACU graduates with this degree attend graduate school in physics, engineering, computer science, mathematics or medicine. The BS in Physics has four tracks - Physics (PHYS), Applied Physics (PHYA), Computational Physics (PHYC) and Engineering Physics (PHYN) - enabling students to focus specifically on the area of physics which they plan to pursue after undergraduate school.


Physics (PHYS) - A standard physics track with several advanced electives.

Applied Physics (PHYA) - A physics track with special emphasis on electronics and computer programming which prepares a student with job skills in many fields.

Computational Physics (PHYC) - A very solid physics foundation in the first two years, and in the third and fourth years students will focus on developing applied programming skills such as simulation, modeling and pattern recognition.  This degree is perfect for students with an interest in both physics and computer science.

Engineering Physics (PHYN) - Ideal for students who wish to attend graduate school in engineering or who intend to pursue immediate employment after graduation.  For the first two years engineering students take the same foundational classes as physics students, but their upper division work is tailored with an engineering focus. 


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