"ACU has a reputation for putting out very capable, very clever physics students." 

- Dr. Eric Cornell, winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics

Our alumni find that a degree in physics from ACU is an advantage to them as they pursue graduate degrees in various fields, including medical physics, nuclear physics and engineering. ACU's reputation among schools of physics and engineering, the personal recommendations of ACU physics faculty and the research experience acquired at national laboratories combine to give ACU physics students an edge when applying to graduate programs. And many alumni find that the rigorous background of math, theory and application gained at ACU make them more ready for a graduate program than are many of their peers.

One ACU Physics alumnus had this to say about his graduate program:

"It's been three years since I've moved on from ACU, and I always look back with good memories. I am now at a large public university working on my M.S. in Civil Engineering (emphasis on Structures). I intend to begin my Ph.D. next summer in the same. For my research, I am currently working with non-destructive testing (specifically ultrasound) in the area of sustainability and structural health monitoring.

As an ACU alumnus, I was pleased to be called in the other day by my advisor, who wanted to know my thoughts on a current ACU student applying for graduate school here. This same professor had given me an assistantship (which pays a stipend plus all tuition) based on my physics background, which has been incredibly useful with my research. He remembered that I came from ACU, and was hoping to hear whether I would recommend an ACU physics/engineering physics background for prospective graduate students. I was happy to verify how the physics background enhanced and uniquely prepared a student to think "beyond the box" in the realm of engineering. My advisor was eager to admit this student.

I write this to say how much the physics degree from ACU has helped me. I'm not trying to come off boastful, but I'm proud of my experience at ACU, and am also very happy that the relationship I have with my graduate school professors has given them one more reason to look for ACU's physics graduates at a time when this school is becoming more strict in who they admit. I believe the values taught at the physics department at ACU, both academic and spiritual, will help to prepare a student for whichever field he or she chooses."

See the alumni spotlights below to learn more about how an ACU physics degree has prepared other students like you for careers in this exciting field.

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ACU Undergrads at National Labs
ACU's engineering and physics students help conduct nuclear physics research at national labs each summer. See their experiences at Fermilab and Brookhaven.
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