Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree

Sample Schedules:

Bachelor of Science in Engineering: For Students starting in MATH 185-Calculus I

Bachelor of Science in Engineering: For Students starting in MATH 124- Pre-cal II

Engineering Electives by Interest Area

The sample schedule includes engineering electives (14 total hours) which should be selected in consultation with your advisor. Below are courses that should be selected if a student has an interest in either electrical or mechanical engineering. Additionally, special topics courses (with ENGR designation) are regularly offered by the department and are also a good option when choosing electives should they fit the students interest area.

Electrical Interest (11 hours total) * Mechanical Interest (12 hours) *
ENGR 210/211 Digital Logic and Laboratory
ENGR 388 Network Analysis
ENGR 422/423 Embedded Systems and Laboratory
ENGR 320 Material Science
ENGR 332 Mechanics of Materials
ENGR 334 Heat and Mass Transfer
ENGR 434 Fluid Thermal Systems

*Note that not all 14 hours are used in interest areas, thus allowing students to take other engineering electives to broaden their knowledge.

Students should ensure that all prerequisites and co-requisites are met before enrolling in courses. Some courses are not offered every semester. It is the responsibility of the student to consult the academic catalog for course descriptions and details. Failure to complete courses in the recommended sequence may delay graduation.

ACU Undergrads at National Labs
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