Physics Home Page at Abilene Christian University (ACU). Contains courses, degree plans, student research opportunities and career information. Highlights include physics student life and why students choose physics as their career.

Department of Engineering and Physics

A degree from ACU's Department of Engineering and Physics lays an exceptional foundation for graduate programs and careers in engineering, physics, science education and related fields.

Engineering and Physics

ACU undergraduate engineering and physics majors pursue a deeper understanding of the physical world through theory, application, analysis and practical design. Their education comes under the mentorship of dedicated Christian faculty who are active research physicists, and who guide them in unrivaled opportunities for research at top national laboratories and private firms. An ACU degree in engineering or physics prepares students to lead the world in developing technologies that improve lives.


Dr. Jeff Kimble ('71) | Alumnus of the Year

Dr. Jeff Kimble, class of 1971, is the 2016 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year. Known for his pioneering research in quantum optics, quantum measurement and quantum information science, Kimble conducted one of the first demonstrations of teleportation of a quantum state.

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ACU Undergrads at National Labs
ACU's engineering and physics students help conduct nuclear physics research at national labs each summer. See their experiences at Fermilab and Brookhaven.
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