Kevin Washington ('11) | Communication

Kevin Washington

Graduate student in communications 
from Sugar Land, Texas

Kevin Washington ('11) knew he wanted to continue his football career and his education in a Christ-centered environment. So the decision to transfer to ACU from Notre Dame as a graduate student in 2009 was an easy one.

For Kevin, time spent playing for ACU's championship football program and studying in the Department of Communication was all he could have asked for.

"I honestly felt called to ACU.  I wanted to play football a little longer and complete graduate school, but only at a school that maintained its faith values," Kevin says. "The main factor in picking ACU was that everyone was genuine in the growing of their students as followers of Christ."

Kevin believes the relationships he has developed with his coaches, professors, teammates and friends have helped him grow as a person. His classes and experiences working as a full-time intern with Fellowship of Christian Athletes sharpened his mind and skills.

"The relationships - with teammates, coaches, students, professors, surrounding community and everybody - the relationships make it all amazing."

Kevin said he had never heard of ACU before deciding to transfer. But former coaches, alumni players and friends helped convince him ACU could be the perfect place for him.

After transferring to a school that met his needs, he recognized a "realness" about ACU's commitment to helping him succeed. For Kevin, ACU emphasized excellence in faith, relationships and life simultaneously.

"I was at a stage in my life, and spiritual journey where I needed to be equipped and encouraged," Kevin says. "And I can say that ACU has given me the confidence and resources needed to be the leader and man that God has called me to be."

After earning his master's degree and helping guide ACU's football team to a conference title in 2010, Kevin has no regrets and  feels ready to take on the world.

"With the football team and coaches calling each other up, setting expectations and having coaches model the way, and with the students and faculty at ACU being a faith-fueled community, it far exceeded my expectations," says Kevin, who now works full time for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Abilene.

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