ACU biology alumni have impressive records as physicians, dentists, nurses, teachers, researchers, marine biologists and more. These are their stories of how ACU prepared them and influenced their careers:

“I feel blessed and honored to have been taught by such a wonderful, elite group of individuals.  Thank you for your dedication and care towards your students.  Thank you also for being spiritual guides and role models – not wavering as strong Christian scientists.”  
Veterinary technologist

"I am very proud of my biology degree from ACU! Compared with other students in my graduate work, I feel that my biology background truly prepared me for the next level of education.  Thank you all for a superior education!  – Physician assistant
I believe ACU has prepared me as well or even better for research and PA school at Southwestern. In my current classes I feel I have an advantage because of my background."  – Physician assistant

"It is my understanding that students from ACU in the health professions are consistently ranked in the top of their class. We have been working beside students from Harvard and Yale and feel like we are really on an equal level with them. We’ll be keeping you guys in our prayers. Thank you for all your hard work!"  – Fourth-year medical student

"ACU’s Biology Department prepared me well to face the challenges of a graduate program. I felt equipped not only in the educational/knowledge skills but also in my work ethic and discipline."  – Physician assistant

"I believe ACU did a wonderful job of preparing me for medical school. My anatomy, cell biology, physiology, immunology and botany classes were all superb! Thank you all for your care and persistence with us!"  – Fourth-year medical student

"I felt well prepared for medical school through my ACU training. I was equipped to learn and adjust to new teaching styles. Advanced biology courses at ACU (cell biology, physiology, immunology, human anatomy, biomedical ethics) were particularly helpful in medical school.  Continue to equip students with the ability to learn and understand how minute details plug into the big picture."  – Physician

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