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amanda scott

Architectural and Interior Design Intern
The Arkitex Studio Inc., Bryan, Texas

Sometimes the jobs you don't get paid for can be the most rewarding. That's what architectural design intern Amanda Scott discovered during a six-month missions internship in Itu, Brazil.

I visited other universities, but truly felt the Lord calling me to go to ACU. I have been greatly blessed because of that decision.

"I was allowed to redesign a nail salon for a lady in the community who owned her own business," Amanda recalls. "I was able to lead every aspect of the project from design through execution. The youth group, members of the church, the missionaries I worked with and my co-intern were my labor force." 

Blazing family trails

A McNair Scholar, Amanda earned her B.S. in interior design from ACU in 2005 and her master of architecture degree from Texas A&M University in 2008.

"I am a first-generation college student and now I have my master's degree," she says with a note of well-deserved pride. "My parents were very encouraging of my education to accomplish what they weren't given the opportunity to do.

"In fact, my dad actually moved to college with me when I came to ACU," she adds. "People usually find that funny. My mom passed away when I was in high school, and I am an only child, so he figured why not go with me? He moved back to Conroe a year later, but that made for a nice transition to college."

Healthcare architecture

Though she recalls the nail salon redesign fondly, Amanda now gets paid for her projects for Arkitex Studio. "On a daily basis I help produce ideas, finishes and drawings that lead to a final design for several different types of buildings," she says.

It seems like a cliche, but the things I learned in heart and mind while at ACU allowed me to truly believe I can change the world.

Amanda has a special interest in healthcare architecture and holds a certificate in Health Systems and Design from A&M.  She was one of nine intern architects nationwide selected as a 2010 Herman Miller Scholar, and she attended the Architecture for Health Conference in Las Vegas this year.  

"Healthcare design can have an impact on families, patients and hospital staff in such stressful situations," she says. "I believe my work in this area is one way the Lord allows me to help people."

Changing the world one building at a time

Amanda started out as a math major who wanted to teach fifth-graders. "As I was walking through the ACU library one day I saw another student with my old calculus book, and I realized the only thing I ever liked about the class was the building on the cover of the book - Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain."

So she changed her major to interior design and found a career she loves.

"At ACU, I received an amazing education that prepared me for graduate school in architecture and the world of design," Amanda says. "I learned that design is more than the way something looks and that interior design is a subject which requires real thought, dedication and hard work. But, if you truly love doing it, it is all worth it.

"It seems like a cliche, but the things I learned in heart and mind while at ACU allowed me to truly believe I can change the world."

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