Majoring in Art & Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA)
The BFA is a studio-intensive course of study designed for students with a strong commitment to a professional future as graphic designers, studio artists and/or art teachers. The student may, according to his or her interests and career goals, select a major concentration from these areas:

Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA)
The Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design/Advertising prepares students for careers as designers in the advertising industry, including print, video, web, outdoor and mobile advertising. 

Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) - CIDA accredited
The Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design prepares students for careers as interior designers in business, industry, retail, research or graduate study. 

Associate of Arts (AA)
The Associate of Arts degree is a 72-hour, two-year program of study designed for students that have an interest in architecture. This foundational degree prepares students with essential architectural design problem-solving techniques and skills.

Minoring in Art & Design

The Department of Art & Design offers three minors:

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