• Architect
  • Art director
  • Art teacher
  • Artist
  • Graphic designer
  • Gallery or museum coordinator
  • Illustrator
  • Interior Designer

Art and design graduates may pursue specialized post-graduate degrees in areas of interest such as architecture, interior design, industrial design, art therapy, arts administration, animation, illustration, painting, sculpture, etc. Those earning their MFA, the terminal degree in studio art, are eligible to teach art in colleges and universities. And with the proper certification, ACU art and design graduates become educators in elementary and secondary education. ACU art and design graduates work in galleries and in museums as directors and administrators. They work as interior designers, space planners, architects, set designers, as animators, as book illustrators and as graphic designers. They work in advertising as art directors and as creative consultants. Graduates of the Department of Art and Design become full-time creative artists that are supported by their gallery sales and commissions.

Graduates of the ACU Department of Art and Design also enjoy productive careers in many non-art related fields as well in every aspect of our society. In their respected vocations they may not always use paint and an artist’s brush, but they do use what they learned as art and design majors, to use their minds as a creative tool, whatever the application. For no brush is finer, no stone chisel is sharper and no ink flows more effortlessly than the keen and attentive mind, the spirit of the artist.

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