Kyle Ferrell | Agriculture and Environmental Science

Kyle Ferrell

Agribusiness major 

from Weatherford, Texas


Kyle Ferrell came to ACU knowing he wanted to study agriculture but wasn’t sure what direction he wanted to go.  Now, as he completes a year of service as president of Alpha Epsilon Sigma (AES), A&E’s pre-professional club, he begins his tenure as National President of The Honor Society of Delta Tau Alpha (DTA) after being elected at National Convention this past week at Sam Houston State University.

Through involvement his freshman and sophomore year with the annual A&E trip to Medina Children’s Home, Ferrell’s interest in AES was sparked.  He was nominated as president of the ACU rodeo his sophomore year and went on to serve as president of AES his junior year.

Ferrell values the opportunities that DTA provides students and so desired to be more involved with that organization.

“I really like engaging in large organizations and meeting people in those situations,” Ferrell said.  “It has been the people that I met through those organizations that have gotten me where I am.”

The nomination and voting process was exercised using parliamentary procedure.  A fellow A&E student nominated Ferrell and the nomination was seconded by a delegate from Texas A&M University-Commerce.  He gave two short speeches over the next two days and was voted in as national president on the second day of Convention. 

“I was really excited, but also nervous,” Ferrell said.  “My experience with DTA is limited.  But I feel like I have a unique perspective to bring to the organization because of the diversity of our department and the experiences I have from being AES president.”

A&E has been and continues to be a strong influence in the DTA organization.

“We as ACU student have a lot to offer that organization because of our program and our values,” Ferrell said.  “I’m excited to serve in that capacity because of the school that I get to represent.”

Ferrell’s major goal is to one day manage a large dude ranch in the Northwest.  He wants to have the opportunity to give people the feel of a rural lifestyle that not everybody has the opportunity to enjoy.

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