About Academic Advising

Philosophy of Academic Advising

Abilene Christian University is committed to quality advising that promotes student learning and development.  Our Centennial Vision calls us to be faculty and staff members who "will remain accessible teachers, leaders, advisors, and mentors, and friends of students as we pursue our goal of integrating faith and learning."  Advising should help students discover their God-given talents so that their giftedness is fully realized and utilized.  Advisors should model Christian love, encouraging students to live Christ-centered lives where education is viewed not as a passport to privilege but as a foundation for Christian service and leadership throughout the world.

Delivery of Academic Advising

Students are advised by their academic department, typically by two individuals: the Degree Plan Specialist and the Faculty Advisor.

The Degree Plan Specialist is a staff member who assists the student with the technical aspects of completing their degree: scheduling, degree plans, degree audits, registration policies and procedures, and helps with necessary paper work to assure institutional requirements are met.  The Faculty Advisor is someone who has an advanced degree in the student's chosen field of study and helps the student assess their values, interests, and abilities as it relates to their field, relates personal strengths to academic and career opportunities, and evaluates progress towards educational and personal goals.  Both the Degree Plan Specialist and the Faculty Advisor may refer students to other support services where appropriate.

For those students who have not chosen a major, they are advised in the Academic Development Center to receive more in depth and personalized attention. Undeclared students are encouraged to visit the Career Center to learn more about proactively approaching major/program and vocational/career decisions.