About Academic Advising

Mission of the Academic Advising Center

The mission of the Academic Advising Center is to empower, support, and mentor students for academic success, personal growth, and spiritual development.

Philosophy of Academic Advising

Abilene Christian University is committed to quality advising that promotes student learning and development. Advising should help students discover their God-given talents so that their giftedness is fully realized and utilized. Advisors should model Christian love, encouraging students to live Christ-centered lives where education is viewed not as a passport to privilege but as a foundation for Christian service and leadership throughout the world.

Delivery of Academic Advising

Students' advisors are assigned by major. Advisors are experts in specific major degree plans and work diligently to ensure a student is on the best path to degree completion. Your advisor is here to support you throughout your entire ACU journey. Life will happen, and your advisor will walk along side you during tough times and celebrate with you in good times. Your advisor is your advocate and they want you to be a successful college student and alumni.