Support for iTunes U Instructors

Apple has provided a number of resources to help you get started. Visit Apple's Support Website to find the following.

Other places to get help

  • For ACU or Summer Online courses, contact the Adams Center
  • For Public content that is not an official ACU course, or to release content from a course to the public site, please contact Scott Kilmer with Strategic Marketing.


  • Release Form (permission for using audio, video or photos on Web or iTunes U)

Add iTunes U as a Course Tool

  • Log in to myACU
  • Find the courses portlet and click on show all semsters
  • Click on the wrench icon next to the course that you want to create this tool for.
  • Click the Create Tools link and use the drop down menu next to create an iTunes U course tool.
  • Note:  Course tools should be available 24 hours after your creation request.
Throughout the World
Throughout the World
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