On-Campus Work

Students with an F-1 or J-1 visa are eligible to work on-campus* as long as they are enrolled as a full time student and in good academic standing. Hours of student employment may not exceed a total of 20 hours per week. Hours up to 38 per week are allowed if needed during school breaks.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must be currently enrolled as a full time student and maintaining status. Students may be employed over the summer months without being enrolled as long as they are continuing students for the following Fall semester.
  • Students must have gone by the Center for International Education upon arrival and shown all required immigration documents
  • J-1 students must obtain necessary written permission from the RO/ARO prior to employment.

Finding a Job

After Receiving a Job Offer

  • Students with job offers will need to apply for a social security number. This number is required by the U.S. government to receive a paycheck. Visit the link for social security information on this website.
  • Go to the Administration Building, Room 213 at 11:45am any weekday prior to beginning employment with the following items:
    • Passport, visa and I-20
    • ACU ID card
    • Social Security Card (this may be turned in later if you do not have it yet)
    • A voided check



*Not all work that takes place on the campus of ACU qualifies as “on-campus work.” Generally, work that is paid by ACU is considered “on-campus” employment, and also work in the businesses of the McGlothlin Campus Center, such as Aramark.  But work paid by other employers may not qualify, even though it is conducted on the campus of ACU (such as computer research or marketing from your dorm).  Check with the CIE to make sure your proposed employment is considered “on-campus” work if there are any questions before you begin your job.  Even one day of unauthorized work jeopardizes your immigration status.

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