ACU’s Friendship Families Program

What is a friendship family?

A friendship family can be a family with young children, a family with adolescents, a young couple without children, empty-nesters, or singles who commit to taking an international student out once a month to participate in American social and family life.

What is the purpose of a friendship family?

The purpose of the Friendship Families Program is to facilitate cross-cultural interaction in an informal, social setting between Americans and international students so that both can learn about the other’s culture.

What do friendship families and international students do?

Because the purpose of the program is to allow for informal, social interaction, the American family will invite the international student to participate in its typical social activities. For example, students may be invited to birthday parties, sports games, picnic lunches, shopping at the mall, or day trips to area attractions.

Is there a financial obligation on the part of the family?

No. American families do not need to pay for the international student and are free to ask the student to pay his or her own way.

What is the time commitment?

Friendship families are asked to commit to doing something with their international students once a month for one semester. If both the family and the international student would like to continue meeting once a month after that semester is over, they may certainly do so. However, there is no obligation to continue after one semester.

If you would like to participate in ACU’s Friendship Family Program, please contact Gaby Lane in the Center for International Education. You may call her at 325-674-2821 or email her at

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