Bank Statements

Every international student seeking to enter the US as a student must submit evidence of financial support which meets the following requirements:

    -Current savings account statements showing at least 3 months history detailing the owner's name, currency, dates and Bank name.  OR

     -Current checking account statements showing at least 6 month history also detailing owner's name, currency, dates and bank name. Additional documents may be required at the discretion of the Center for International Education. Please note that only the funds in excess of the average balance can be considered available for use toward the student's education.

Additionally, if you are submitting a bank statement that belongs to someone other than yourself, a letter from the owner of the bank account stating that the funds will be used to support the applicant is also required. If you prefer, you may use our Affidavit of Support form in place of a letter.

For a detailed estimate of expenses, please visit our expenses page.

Statements may be sent via email to, or by mail to the Graduate School.

Graduate School 
ACU Box 29140 
Abilene, TX 79699

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