Admission Process


Application process

  1. Complete an online Application for Admission to the ACU Graduate School, and pay the nonrefundable application fee
  2. Submit your TOEFL/ IELTS scores
  3. Submit bank statements

Submit documents needed for immigration 

After you have been accepted to ACU, the next step in the process is to meet the requirements for a certificate of eligibility to enter (or remain) in the US as an F-1 student. 

  1. Send us a copy of your passport
  2. Submit copies of bank statements indicating sufficient funds to cover the estimated cost of studying at ACU for one academic year (nine months)
  3. Verify your address and request a shipment via eShipGlobal

Apply for your Visa

After we have received and certified all your documents needed for immigration to the U.S., we will mail you an admissions package that includes an official copy of your letter of admission and an immigration document called an I-20. You will need original paper copies of these documents to make an appointment with the U.S. consulate or embassy in your country to apply for a student visa to study at ACU. 

  1. ACU will send you an I-20 via mail
  2. Apply for your Visa in your home country
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