Writing Sample

Some programs require a writing sample in addition to or instead of a purpose statement. The nature of this sample varies based on the program, so make sure you have carefully read the specific requirements for your program. 

Programs that require a writing sample are: 

Communication and Corporate Communication The writing sample should reflect high quality work. This can be in the form of a research paper, term paper, or any work that reflects potential or readiness for graduate work.

A sample critical essay (maximum of 15 pages) that demonstrates the applicant’s capacity for interpretation and literary analysis, or

A sample creative writing in prose or poetry (maximum of 20 pages) if the student intends to pursue the writing emphasis track. Writing samples will not be returned unless a self-addressed, stamped envelope is provided. 

Marriage and Family Therapy The writing sample should reflect high quality work. (eg. term paper)
Communication Sciences and Disorders A two-page purpose statement describing career goals, professional interests, and reasons for unconditional admission to enter the CSD program at ACU.
Social Work A writing sample in the form of a formal graded (returned with feedback) senior level assignment of at least five pages from the student's undergraduate work (or acceptable alternative).

How to Submit Your Writing Sample

  1. Send via email to grad@info.acu
  2. Mail it to ACU Box 29140 Abilene, TX 79699, or
  3. Drop it off to graduate admissions, 319 Brown Library
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