Purpose Statement

A purpose statement is a written document discussing why you want to pursue graduate school, why did you choose ACU, and what are your future career goals. The statement should be a well-though out, personal statement that accurately displays your academic and future goals. The purpose statement is the applicant’s chance to show the admissions committee why they should be accepted into graduate school and what they intend to do with the knowledge gained from it.

How to Submit Your Purpose Statement

  1. Attach as a word document or a PDF file through email to grad@info.acu
  2. Mail it to ACU Box 29140 Abilene, TX 79699, or
  3. Drop it off to graduate admissions, room 319 Brown Library
Degree Program Purpose Statement Requirements
Accounting A written personal statement of your academic interests, strengths and weaknesses.
Communication and Corporate Communication An essay describing your purpose for pursing a graduate degree in communication.
Communication Science and Disorders An essay with a maximum 700 words that includes, but may not be limited to, a professional purpose/mission statement and a discussion of personal strengths related to professional goals.
English A two page, double spaced paper discussing why you want to pursue graduate school, why you chose ACU, and your future career goals.
Liberal Arts An impromptu written statement describing your purposes and objectives for entering the MLA program.
Marriage and Family Therapy A written purpose statement declaring why you wish to study marriage and family therapy at ACU and what you plans to do professionally upon graduation.
Occupational Therapy A two to three page, 12 point font, double-spaced, one inch margins essay describing your interest in occupational therapy.
Psychology A written statement (600-800 words) describing your professional goals, interests and reasons for choosing to enter the psychology program at ACU.
Social Work A personal statement addressing your motivation for graduate studies and entering the social work profession, and reflections on the four themes of the School of Social Work—evidence-based practice, God’s gift of diversity, faith and social work, and social justice.
Education A purpose statement (2 pages double spaced, typed) including philosophy of education.
Organizational and Human Resource Development A two-page, typed purpose statement describing your career goals, professional interests and reasons for wanting to enter the OHRD program.
Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation A purpose statement of no more than 1,000 words detailing your motivation for undertaking a focused study on conflict resolution and reconciliation.
Higher Education A written purpose statement describing your reasons for wishing to enter the higher education program and future career plans.
The Graduate School of Theology The writing of an autobiographical statement is considered a critical element in the evaluation of your application. Not only is the autobiography a way to introduce yourself to the admissions committee, but it also will help your faculty advisor guide and evaluate your learning experience in our program. With this in mind, please write a reflective essay, three to five pages in length (typed, double spaced) about your life. Read more detailed instructions.
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