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Dana Kennamer Pemberton, Ph.D.

Department Chair and Professor
B.S., Abilene Christian University, 1981
M.Ed., Abilene Christian University, 1988
Ph.D. University of Texas, 2001

Phone: 325-674-2112
Email: dlp94a@acu.edu

Areas of scholarship/expertise:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Children's Ministry and Spiritual Development in Children

Author of numerous articles and two books: 

  • Let All the Children Come to Me: A Practical Guide to Including Children with Disabilities in Your Church Ministries. Co-authored with MaLesa Breeding and Jerry Whitworth. (Cook Communications Ministries), 2006.
  • I Will Change Your Name: Messages from the Father to a Heart Broken by Divorce. (Leafwood Press), 2009.

Professional memberships:

  • Association for Childhood Education International
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children


Mitzi Adams

B.S. Ed., Abilene Christian University, 1981
M.A., Western Governors University, 2010

Phone: 325-674-2114
Email: mitzi.adams@acu.edu

Professional memberships:

  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Texas Directors of Field Experiences
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children 
  • Kappa Delta Pi


Dennis Cavitt

Instructor, Special Education
B.A., Pepperdine University, 1980
M.S., Abilene Christian University, 1987
M.Ed., Tarleton State University, 2000
Ed.D candidate, Texas Tech University, expected graduation
May 2011

Phone: 325-674-2479
Email: dennis.cavitt@acu.edu

Areas of scholarship/expertise:

  • Licensed Specialist in School Psychology
  • Emotional and behavioral disorders of school-aged children
  • Autism assessment and treatment
  • Special education programming and legal issues
  • Response to intervention and differentiated instruction

Professional activities:

  • Autism consultation
  • EBD consultation

Professional memberships:

  • Council of Exceptional Children
  • Teacher Education Division
  • Council of Behavioral Disorders
  • International Special Education Services


Julie Douthit

B.S., University of North Texas, 1991
M.Ed., University of North Texas, 1991

Phone: 325-674-2121
Email: julie.douthit@acu.edu

Areas of scholarship/expertise:

  • Elementary education
  • Curriculum and instruction methods

Professional presentations:

  • "The Proof is in the Pudding: Using Action Research to Prepare Student Teachers for Evidence Based Practice," Consortium of State Organizations of Teacher Education (CSOTTE), October 2008

Professional memberships:

  • Kappa Delta Pi
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children


Andrew P. Huddleston, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 
B.A., Abilene Christian University, 2000
M.Ed., Texas Tech University, 2002
Ph.D., The University of Georgia, 2012

Phone: 325-674-2125
Email: andrew.huddleston@acu.edu

Areas of scholarship/expertise:

  • Reading assessment and intervention
  • High-stakes testing policies
  • Language and literacy instruction grades 4-8

Professional memberships:

  • American Educational Research Association 
  • International Reading Association
  • Literacy Research Association

Selected Publications

  • Huddleston, A. P. (2012). Understanding responses to high school exit exams in literacy: A Bourdieusian analysis of poetic transcriptions. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 55, 734-744.
  • Alermann, D. A., Marshall, J. D., McLean, C. A., Huddleston, A. P., Joaquin, J., & Bishop, J. (2012). Adolescents' web- based literacies, identitiy construction, and skill development. Literacy Research and Instruction, 51, 179-195.
  • Huddleston, A. P. (2011). Negotiating the demands of high-stakes testing: Graduate students' experiences as teachers preparing students for standardized assessments in reading and language arts. Georgia Journal of Reading, 34, 36-44.
  • Huddleston, A. P. (2010). Extra! Extra! Read all about it!: Tapping students' popular culture interests through an elementary school newspaper. Georgia Journal of Reading, 33, 16-24.
  • Alvermann, D. E., Huddleston, A. P., & Hagood, M. C. (2004). What could professional wrestling and school literacy practices possibly have in common? Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 47, 532-540.
  • Huddleston, A. P. (2003). Incorporating popular culture into the curriculum. Educational Horizons, 81, 95-97. 
  • Huddleston, A. P. (2002). WWF: World wrestling literacy unit. SecondaryEnglish.com. Retrieved from secondaryenglish.com.


Jenn Rogers

B.S., Abilene Christian University, 2004
M.Ed., Hardin-Simmons University, 2009

Phone: 325-674-2120
Email: rogjenn@gmail.com

Areas of scholarship/expertise: 

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Counseling and Human Development
  • Behavior Skills and Modification


Jill Allen Scott, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
B.S., University of Texas at Austin, 1973
M.S., Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, 1977
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 2010

Phone: 325-674-2450
Email: jill.scott@acu.edu

Areas of scholarship/expertise:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Early Language and Literacy/Families
  • Teacher Education



Sam Stewart, Ed.D.

Associate Professor
B.A., Harding University, 1977
M.S.E., Arkansas State University, 1985
Ed.D., William Howard Taft University, 2007

Phone: 325-674-2492
Email: sam.stewart@acu.edu

Areas of scholarship/expertise:

  • Secondary Education and Administration
  • Assessment, Grading and Reporting Practices

Professional activities: 

  • Co-sponsor of study abroad groups to Beijing, China to teach English to ex-patriot students attending international schools.
  • Host book talks each semester that look at the teaching practices of Jesus in comparison to current best practices in education.
  • "Scenarios in the Public Schools: Did the Teacher Go Too Far?" Teachers of Vision (scheduled for publication Winter 2010).

Professional memberships:

  • Christian Educators Association International
  • Phi Delta Kappan
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development


Stephanie Talley

B.S., Abilene Christian University, 1993
M.Ed., Abilene Christian University, 2007
Currently a doctoral student at Texas Tech University, pursuing a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction

Phone: 325-674-2116
Email: stephanie.talley@acu.edu

Areas of scholarship/expertise:

  • Early language and literacy
  • English language learners

Professional activities/presentations:

  • "If These Walls Could Talk: Fostering Literacy Through Physical Environment," National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) annual convention, November 2009
  • "International Partnerships for Teacher Training: Teaching English as a Second Language in an International School in China," Association of Teacher Educators (ATE), February 2009
  • "Kindergarten Café: A Smorgasbord of Learning," National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) annual convention, November 2008

Professional memberships: 

  • National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
  • Delta Kappa Gamma - Zeta Psi Chapter
  • Kappa Delta Pi


Dana Mayhall

Adjunct Instructor
B.S., Hardin-Simmons University, 1983
M.Ed., Tarleton State Uiversity, 1993

Email: dlm07a@acu.edu

Areas of scholarship/expertise:

  • Middle school education
  • Educational administration




Catherine Ford

Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 325-674-2112
Email: caf04b@acu.edu


Kathy Wilkinson

Certification Officer

Phone: 325-674-2126
Email: kathy.wilkinson@acu.edu

Professional memberships:

  • Texas Association of Certification Officers 
  • Texas Coordinators for Teacher Certification Testing



Michelle M. Faerber

Technology Integration Specialist
B.S., Abilene Christian University, 2004
M.A., University of Texas at San Antonio, 2009

Phone: 325-674-2668
Email: michelle.faerber@acu.edu

Areas of scholarship/expertise:

  • Elementary Teacher Education
  • Early Childhood
  • Counseling, Community/School
  • Educational Technology


Francille Vesel

Degree Plan Specialist
B.S.W, Harding University
M.S., Abilene Christian University

Phone: 325-674-2128
Email: veself@acu.edu

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