Social Services Administration Certificate

Social Services Administration Certificate

The Certificate in Social Services Administration is an 18-hour graduate program that combines many different skills such as organizational management, planning, and policymaking in a format commonly used by nonprofit and governmental agencies.

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Graduate Certificate in Social Services Administration

The certificate in social services administration requires 18 hours, and course work may apply toward the Master of Science in Social Work degree.

 Students who complete this certificate program will:

  1. Have an understanding of the managerial functions, including planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling, communicating and decision making;
  2. Have experience with the procedures and techniques of developing and receiving grant, contracts and/or appropriations, and be able to research, select and cultivate funding sources, including actual grant or contract preparation;
  3. Be familiar with fiscal processes commonly used in human service agencies, including the ability to read, comprehend, and prepare budgets in formats commonly used in nonprofit and governmental agencies;
  4. Understand management strategies for change in human service organizations, and be able to select change strategies based on situational assessments;
  5. Be able to conduct sound, research-based evaluation of nonprofit programs; and, 
  6. Be able to influence political and organizational processes and actions to impact policymaking through policy analysis, advocacy, and human empowerment.

For assistance deciding which program is right for you, request information or speak with an enrollment advisor by calling 800-460-6228. You can also reach us at 

Application Deadline:
      Fall 2016
  •    Aug. 12, 2016


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