Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

The Master of Science in Clinical Psychology prepares students to begin a professional career in counseling or to continue their studies in a doctoral program in psychology. The program combines professional counseling training, research skills and experience, and a distinctive Christian perspective in integrating faith, learning, and practice.

The M.S. In Clinical Psychology prepares students with both counseling skills for beginning a professional career and the research skills and experience required to pursue doctoral work. The M.S. in Clinical Psychology provides classroom and practicum training in individual and group counseling, clinical interviewing, psychological testing, and professional issues and ethics.  As preparation for a career in research or doctoral study, the degree provides training in research design and analysis with opportunities for research including writing a thesis.

Degree Requirements

The M.S. In Clinical Psychology program is a traditional academic program designed for full-time students. The program requires 48 semester hours and usually takes two academic years to complete. Because of its developmental design many courses have prerequisites that are offered once a year. Students who want to pursue the Licensed Professional Counselor credential should choose electives to meet the licensing requirements. Most states require at least 60 hours to achieve licensure. 

Requirements for the M.S.  in Clinical Psychology are:

1. Psychology core, 21 hours

PSYC 610 Psychotherapy (3) 

PSYC 612 Clinical Research Methods (3) 

PSYC 648 Advanced Psychotherapeutic Techniques (3) 

PSYC 650 Ethics and Issues in Professional Psychology (3) 

PSYC 657 Multivariate Statistics (3) 

PSYC 660 Clinical Assessment (3) 

PSYC 682 Advanced Psychopathology (3) 

2. Electives, 15 hours approved by graduate advisor or department chair

3. Practicum, 6 hours: PSYC 690, 692 (3 hours each) 

4. Thesis, 6 hours

Application Deadline:
Fall 2015
  • Aug. 14, 2015

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