Application Process

The MSOT program at ACU has two admission deadlines. Applicants seeking early admission should submit their application by November 1st. These applications will be reviewed by December 1st and some applicants may be notified of early admission by January 15th. All other applicants must be submitted by February 1st. Final application decisions for all students will be made by March 15th.

To be considered for admission, the applicant must complete and submit the online application and all required documentation. Documentation to be submitted includes: transcripts, verification of observation/experience in professional occupational therapy settings, two recommendation letters, and a personal essay. Please see below for specific guidelines for each category.

Transcripts and coursework: Applicants must submit transcripts of all institutions attended. At the time of the application the student must demonstrate the ability to complete all required pre-professional coursework prior to enrollment in the first semester of the program. At the time of application, all prerequisite coursework must be completed within the last seven years. Both Anatomy and Physiology must be complete at the time of application and no more than 9 hours of prerequisites courses can be in progress for the application file to be reviewed. AP and CLEP credit will not be accepted for any prerequisite course.

GPA: An overall GPA of 3.2 is required to apply. Prerequisite and general science course grades will be reviewed. In addition, a “key course” GPA, consisting of Anatomy and Physiology courses, Statistical methods course and Life Span Development course will be scored as a part of the application review process. The “key course” GPA will be considered a priority over the overall GPA.

Experience: Applicants are expected to have some knowledge of the occupational therapy profession. This can be acquired as volunteer work, observation hours, and/or paid work in a professional occupational therapy setting. A minimum of 40 hours of observation is required prior to the application deadline. 80-100 hours of experience is recommended, preferably in more than one occupational therapy setting. Please have each site where volunteer/observation and/work hours are obtained fill out the Verification of Hours form provided here. 

Letters of recommendation: Two letters of recommendation are required. A template is provided or a letter can be written. One letter must be completed by an occupational therapist.
Letters should be completed by professional personnel who have: (a) observed you during any related volunteer or paid work;(b) previous or present instructors and/or advisors; (c) previous or present employers.
Letters of recommendation should include elements that demonstrate the applicants: (a) willingness to learn; (b) Integrity; (c) Perseverance; and (d) ability to interact with patients/clients.

Personal Essay: The personal essay is an opportunity for the applicant to describe what is meaningful about the profession of occupational therapy that has drawn the applicant to the profession. Examples such as occupational therapy observation experiences and/or spiritual/life experiences that relate to choosing occupational therapy, as a profession should be discussed.

Application Deadline:
Fall 2015
  • Early Admission: Nov. 1, 2015
  • Final Deadline: Feb. 1, 2015

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